Madibeng Centre for Research

Welcome to Madibeng Centre for Research

Influential advancements in medical research

Pioneering research, impacting health outcomes, documenting origins, and shaping the future of medical advancements in South Africa.

Excellence in Research

Pursue rigorous scientific investigations, employing best practices, advanced methodologies, and collaboration to produce high-quality and impactful results.

Community Engagement

Foster meaningful partnerships with diverse communities, actively involving them in research processes and ensuring their needs and perspectives are prioritized.

Commitment to Health

Dedicate efforts to improving women's health, preventing and treating HIV/AIDS, advancing TB treatment, and developing effective vaccines for better public health outcomes.

Advancing Health through Research and Innovation

MCR, active since 2001, conducts clinical trials and community research. Their contributions, like including Rotarix in South Africa’s immunization schedule, showcase their impact.

Despite uncertain beginnings, MCR celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2011 and we marked our 20th anniversary in 2021 with a glamorous event. Now, the organization aims to document its history, reflect on achievements, and shape its future in vital areas of research and healthcare.

Madibeng Centre for Research expanded its facilities by constructing a new wing, including a modified Laboratory, Pharmacy, and consultation rooms. Despite delays caused by structural strengthening and rock formations, the completion in 2017 enhanced their capacity for future clinical studies.

Advancing Health through Research and Innovation

Madibeng Centre for Research undertook significant enhancements by constructing a new wing with a modified Laboratory, Pharmacy, consultation rooms, and a reception area. Despite delays caused by structural strengthening and the removal of challenging granite rock formations, the completion in 2017 expanded their clinical section, facilitating increased participation in future clinical studies.

Madibeng Centre for Research: Expanding Medical Frontiers

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of an adjacent double property, featuring four unique buildings. This expansion marks a significant step in our commitment to innovative and holistic urban development. Stay tuned for transformative designs and enhanced community spaces!