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About us

Madibeng Centre for Research (MCR) has been involved in clinical trials and community research since 2001, focusing on women’s health, HIV/AIDS, TB, and vaccines. In 2011, MCR celebrated its 10th anniversary, reflecting on its uncertain beginnings and aiming to document its history for future guidance.

Transforming Lives Through Pioneering Research

Established in 2001, the Madibeng Centre for Research (MCR) has been an instrumental force in the field of clinical trials and community research. With an unwavering dedication to scientific inquiry, MCR has contributed significantly to advancements in healthcare. Notably, their research played a pivotal role in the inclusion of Rotarix in the South African Expanded Program on Immunisation schedule in 2008, positively impacting the nation’s immunization efforts.

MCR remains steadfast in its commitment to conducting important research in key areas such as women’s health, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, TB treatment, and vaccines. Through their work, they strive to improve the well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities.

The commemoration of MCR’s 10th anniversary in 2011 marked a momentous occasion. It was a time of reflection, recognizing the center’s humble beginnings and the uncertainties it faced in its early days. The journey from those uncertain times to the present underscored the resilience and determination of MCR’s team.

To pave the way for the future, it is essential to document the history of MCR’s inception coherently. This documentation will not only serve as a testament to the organization’s growth but also provide valuable insights for charting the course ahead. By understanding their past, MCR can leverage its experiences to shape a brighter future, continuing its impactful research and making a difference in the realm of healthcare.

Empowering Health through Community-Centered Research Excellence

Dedicated to community empowerment, our center conducts rigorous and comprehensive health research of the highest quality. Working closely with local communities, as well as our valued business, scientific, and administrative partners, we strive to advance knowledge and improve healthcare outcomes for all.

Our mission

Community-based center conducts high-quality health research, collaborates with partners, addresses community needs, and advances healthcare knowledge for impactful outcomes.

Our Vision

Globally renowned sustainable health research center rooted in the community, conducting impactful research, addressing health challenges, and advancing healthcare knowledge worldwide.

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