Madibeng Centre for Research


Meet Our Dedicated Teams: Uniting Expertise and Compassion in Every Corner. From the Precision of our Lab Team, the Personalised Care of our Pharmacy, the Insightful Analysis of our Data Team, the Tireless Support of our Research Assistants, to the Unwavering Dedication of our Doctors and Nurses, the Meticulous Attention of our Finance Team, and the Essential Contributions of our Housekeeping Staff — Together, We’re Committed to Excellence in Healthcare.

The Team At MCR

Lab Team: Our Lab Team Delivers Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Excellence.

Pharmacy Team: Personalised Pharmacy Care. 

Doctors Team: Dedicated Healers: Our Doctors Blend Expertise with Empathy for Optimal Care.

Data Team: Data Wizards: Transforming Numbers into Knowledge for Enhanced Healthcare.

Housekeeping Staff: Unsung Heroes: Our Housekeeping Team Maintains a Safe, Clean Environment for All.

Finance Team: Financial Stewards: Ensuring Sustainability and Integrity in Every Transaction.

Nurses Team: Nursing with Heart: Providing Compassionate Care at Every Patient Interaction.

Research Assistants: Diligent Discoverers, Our Research Assistants are the Backbone of Innovation.